Licenses for the use of WinRelan®, the software developed for GABEK® applications

If you would like to conduct a GABEK® project yourself, we can provide a license tailored to your needs. We offer the following categories of license:

SC- Student / Campus
for members of universities with C-Campus license
Lizenzdauer: wie Campus Lizenz
1 Anwender
2 Installationen
Updates: ja
Handbücher, Videotutorials: Ja
Erforderlich: Jährlicher Nachweis der Mitgliedschaft in der Organisation mit Campus-Lizenz
S - Student
€ 240
for students
Duration: 1 year
Projects: 1
License renew: € 120
1 User
2 Installatins
Updates: yes
Manuals, Videotutorials: yes
U - Universität
€ 480
für Mitarbeiter von Universitäten und Fachhochschulen die keinen Campus Lizenzvertrag haben bei ausschließlich selbstfinanzierten Projekten
Lizenzdauer: 1 Jahr
Projektanzahl: 1
2 Anwender
2 Installationen
Updates: ja
Handbücher, Videotutorials: Ja
Erforderlich: Bestätigung der Anstellung an einer Universität

P - Professional
€ 960
for professional GABEK applications
Duration: 1 year
3 Users
4 Installations
Updates: yes
Manuals, video tutorials: yes
C - Campus
€ 2.160
for universities, companies and organizations
Duration: 1 year
annual extension until further notice
Unlimited on computers of the organization
Updates: yes
Manuals, video tutorials: yes
After registration members of the organization receive a personal license (SC-License) for GABEK® projects on their own computers
I - Institutional
License fee according the volume of projects.
Projects of teams in public administration and commercial enterprises, e.g. in business consultancies and big companies
Duration: according to contract
Workstations: unlimited on organization computers
Updates: yes
Manuals, video tutorials: yes
Additional: Project assistance and quality backup through the licenser
Required: Training in theory and practice of GABEK in a 3-day workshop

(All prices include 20% VAT taxes. The VAT taxes can only be waived if the licensee has a VAT number (=UID-number) and also has a registered residence in the EU but not in Austria.)

If the licensee wants to change from one type of license to another, then paid license fees are factored in.

For questions about licenses, please write email


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