What is GABEK®?

Begriffsgraph aus "Argumentationsstrukturen in Wittgenstein-Nachlass MS 115"

GABEK Concept network about the structures of Argumentation in “Wittgenstein´s Inheritance MS 115”

GABEK ® (Holistic Processing of Complexity) is a PC-supported method of qualitative research and text analysis (QDA). Based on open interviews or other verbal experiences, the knowledge and attitudes of many people are networked to develop a well-founded overview. GABEK ® translates opinions of interview partners into termed  knowledge systems. These systems  provide a meaningful orientation for understanding the whole landscape of opinions. The experiential knowledge of respondents has many potential uses in an organization. Every step of analysis can be interactively reconstructed and the results can be checked. Decisions can be prepared, aims specified and measures proposed.

GABEK - Aims

GABEK supports qualitative social research regarding the convictions, evaluations, and emotional attitudes of the individuals concerned. GABEK can also assist organizations in rational decision-making and coordinated action.
Finally, by reflection on the development of the organization, a learning process can be initiated that furthers communication within the organization and facilitates the implementation of results.
GABEK projects always aim to improve dialogues within the organization and thus support community values  of mutual respect, trust, reciprocative interest and cooperativeness. If these values are supported, motivation and goal oriented rational action in the community will also increase, leading to greater  satisfaction for everyone concerned.

GABEK - Vision

  • Through early orientation to the needs of the people affected, the sense of community in many companies, political communities and institutions is reinforced, facilitating quicker and more rational decisions and better cooperation with the implementation process.
  • In many companies and organizations  using GABEK projects, employees, clients and individuals  become more included in decision making. A large range of experiences related to a situation can thus be considered during organizational development.
  • At universities, qualitative social research has proliferated through GABEK courses and GABEK projects complementing quantitative research.


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