Product comparison

In order to compare a new product with competitive products, employees and users of the product are asked for their assessments. GABEK displays the results in the form of evaluation profiles, which not only allow comparison with competing final products but also regarding particular attributes of products. This highlights potentials for improving the product by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each product and attribute.

Example: Comparison of six vehicles

Quelle: Daimler AG

Photo: Daimler AG


The prototype of an unconventional vehicle needed to be compared with five conventional vehicles from different car companies. The prototype was developed in the R&D department of Daimler AG during the study of technical control systems.


The project aimed to examine the subjective perception and feeling of motorists while driving the six vehicles by asking about their assessments of the differences between the vehicles after driving them.


Twenty-one employees of Daimler AG were asked to test the six vehicles. After driving each of them, they were asked two questions:

1. Which are your spontaneous impressions of driving this car?

2. What are the traits of this vehicle? How you would describe it to a friend?

The answers were systematized into consistent text groups to build clear summaries for each vehicle. Assessments were condensed in the form of lists. It was then possible to compare the vehicles based on these evaluation profiles.

As the quality of a drive is also perceived emotionally, the GABEK tool of analysis of emotional content was applied. Through special coding tailored specifically for emotionally loaded concepts, symbols, metaphors and body language expressions were used to create an emotional image to summarize each vehicle.



The results of the project allowed detailed comparisons of the vehicles with assessments of many particular attributes. Arguments arising during the project also revealed issues relevant to Daimler’s decision to not introduce the innovative vehicle at that time.




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