Research and development of innovations

To explore innovations, technicians, experts, users or other concerned individuals are asked about innovations in the past and desired future developments. The presumed effects of relevant options are described verbally and represented graphically. Results are ordered according to relevance, providing a fundamental orientation in the area of R&D.

Example: Technological innovation of vehicles (Daimler AG)

comparison of evaluations

comparison of evaluations


Daimler AG wanted to know which aspects of the development of vehicles are experienced as innovative.


Do both technicians and drivers consider the same technical systems of vehicles to be innovative, or do these groups have different ideas about the intended direction for further development?


Twenty employees from the R&D departments of Daimler AG and 20 laymen were interviewed at large about their concept of innovation as related to vehicles. After GABEK analyzed these responses, the results of the groups were compared.


It was possible to reconstruct from both groups of responses the same general concept of “innovation.” However, the expressed ideas, examples and concrete proposals of the two groups revealed different trends for possible future developments. This also shows that inquiries of normal users of cars can contribute essentially to establishing an innovative orientation in research and development.



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