Performance of Projects

Do you have any questions about the innovative development of your organization or services?

  • If, for example, you want to understand the wishes of your customers or how one of your products can be improved;
  • If you are evaluating a project, observing a restructuring process, or want to develop a normative model of your organization;
  • If you want to assess the possible outcomes of a specific measure or improve a working procedure as inexpensively as possible;

…then you should draw on the knowledge of your customers and employees and by conducting a GABEK® project.
We can develop a GABEK® project for you and conduct it together with you.


Performance of the complete project
If you engage us for the full performance of your project, we will explain the procedures to you and inform you about the interim results of the project.

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Project management
If you execute the GABEK® project yourself, while charging us with the scientific project management, we will meet with you about the sequences of tasks needed.

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Project design
Together with you, we can define for the project the topics, aims, data to be gathered, number of interviews, grouping of verbal data, type of evaluation, target dates and number of written reports and workshops. The total expenditure of time and money can be calculated on the basis of the project design.

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Work packages
If you decide to run your project yourself, but find don’t have enough time, we can also take on one or more work packages for you.

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