Navigating in the conceptual landscape

Associations become visible

begriffslandschaftThe jumbled answers of the interviewees are represented as a conceptual network. The nodes of this network are concepts, which are connected by associations between them. This conceptual network acts like a map providing orienation in the landscape of opinions. Frequently used concepts can be compared to conurbations, in which many individuals meet – rarely used concepts are villages, in which neighbours meet only occasionally. Frequent associations can be compared to heavily used roads – rare ones to paths. When we approach other concepts from one point of view we explore the landscape of opinion. We chose a measure to make only the most frequent concepts with the highest number of associations occur, or we can alter the measure to enable us to read all the associations connected with a chosen concept. Thus we use the network provided by a group of interviewees to gain an overview of their opinions, to clarify terms used, to identify contradictions or to select texts on specific themes.developed for this purpose.

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