Representing and understanding opinions

Networking experiences, knowledge values and wishes in the social context of organizations

kommunikationKnowledge and experience of members of an organization are an important potential. From their experience with daily routine in their working environment, people know about specific aspects of their individual working processes. Since every person within an organization has his/her own knowledge of and experience with specific details, isolated individual knowledge and experiences need to be integrated into a holistic picture of the whole system. In general, individual knowledge is integrated in dialogues between colleagues. However, the usual formal and informal com-municative processes in very large and complex organizations no longer guarantee/warrant coordinated cooperation based on integrated individual knowledge.

To investigate the often implicit knowledge of many individuals, we depend on methods designed for the organization, processing and representation of knowledge.
The computer supported method GABEK® – WinRelan® (GAnzheitliche BEwältigung von Komplexität) (© Josef Zelger, Innsbruck 1991-2014) was developed for this purpose.

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