Transfer of experiential knowledge

The experiential knowledge of one or more experts can be represented by GABEK verbally or in form of graphical overviews. This allows for the creation of a written manual covering past successes to aid problem solving. Such manuals facilitate the training of new employees and help prevent mistakes.

wissenstransferExample: Representation of implicit knowledge of the chief of R&D at GIKO



GIKO is a high technology firm in Vorarlberg that produces packaging. Angelo Zaffignani – who has worked for the firm for 42 years – has retired as technical manager. How can this technical knowledge and his business experience be transferred to newer employees?


To represent business knowledge in the form of a reference and instruction manual.


The CEO of GIKO, made the innovative suggestion to represent the work experience of the technical manager so as to retain it in the company and make it accessible to other employees. Given that the prime concern is the interconnection of experimental  knowledge, the project developed a particular method of questioning and forming an association network, based on descriptions of work processes by the technical manager.
The concept of the associative network served as a focal point in subsequent discussions with the manager, providing topics for immediate discussion.
The evaluation of many hours of spoken text provided a clear overview of the relevant topics. According to the rules of GABEK, a manual was presented that not only provides quick reference functions but can also be used for in-service training sessions. The executive committee therefore recommended extending the project.
WinRelan, the software based on GABEK, facilitates a comprehensive view of diverse fields of knowledge/ experience.


The manual, “Fundamental Knowledge PACKAGING  by Angelo Zaffignani,” consists of three parts that can also be used separately:
1) An overview of the connections between the individual topics
2) Experience concerning consequences and side-effects of measures relevant to the business
3) Explanations of individual topics
The advantage of the manual lies in showing what has to be taken into account to avoid making mistakes when solving business- related problems.


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