The GABEK® procedure (Holistic Coping with Complexity –Ganzheitliche Bewältigung von Komplexität) is a method of knowledge organization by qualitative text analysis. The data is provided by open interviews and texts from the internet or other verbal sources. Individual opinions and attitudes are processed and presented systematically. Knowledge nets of a specific group or organization can be discussed and used to improve decision processes. more >>

In each GABEK project, the comprehension of relations and understanding of complex situations are supported. It therefore becomes possible to use the distributed experiential knowledge of many individuals for strategy development and decision-making, so that most of those concerned are motivated to cooperate with the implementation.

Campus organizations:


Below are examples of GABEK projects from different fields of application.



By networking the experience records of many employees, GABEK identifies successful and less successful processes and represents relevant evaluations of partial products and routines. This results in the development of strategies appropriate to the situation as well as functional aims ... Weiterlesen...

Transfer of experiential knowledge


The experiential knowledge of one or more experts can be represented by GABEK verbally or in form of graphical overviews. This allows for the creation of a written manual covering past successes to aid problem solving. Such manuals facilitate the ... Weiterlesen...

Marketing research


To improve products or services, potential clients are asked how they perceive and assess them. The result is a map of wishes showing which attributes are most relevant for many clients, as well as which changes can be axed because ... Weiterlesen...

Organizational development


On the basis of interviews of employees, GABEK displays an overview on organizational success areas and problem fields that serve to describe possible measures and strategies for future development. The organization benefits from the acceptance of change processes developed among ... Weiterlesen...

Conflict resolution


Written answers to questions regarding company decisions reveal the presumed consequences of the decision alternatives. Such projects lead to problem solving potentialities that are accepted and backed by the conflict partners. Problem solving about a conflict regarding work time models ... Weiterlesen...

Development of a mission statement


Everybody strives for well-being; this includes living among highly functioning communities. A mission statement incorporates emotionally loaded ideas about an ideal community into superordinate aims held in common. The development of a mission statement identifies and summarizes these common goals, ... Weiterlesen...

Product comparison


In order to compare a new product with competitive products, employees and users of the product are asked for their assessments. GABEK displays the results in the form of evaluation profiles, which not only allow comparison with competing final products ... Weiterlesen...

Regional development


The successful development of organizations presupposes favorable conditions in the regional surroundings. Through political decision processes, the relations between the chief actors can be innervated to foster a sense of mutual interest, respect and trust. Higher ranking goals held in ... Weiterlesen...

Research and development of innovations


To explore innovations, technicians, experts, users or other concerned individuals are asked about innovations in the past and desired future developments. The presumed effects of relevant options are described verbally and represented graphically. Results are ordered according to relevance, providing ... Weiterlesen...

Other applications

As GABEK® applications are both concerned with the use of everyday knowledge, and expert experience the method is used for widely different purposes.Thus, by including the opinions of those affected conflicts are resolved [1], possible co-operations between business partners established [2], products evaluated ... Weiterlesen...


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