Conflict resolution

Written answers to questions regarding company decisions reveal the presumed consequences of the decision alternatives. Such projects lead to problem solving potentialities that are accepted and backed by the conflict partners.

concept network m>=5, evaluation

concept network m>=5, evaluation

Problem solving about a conflict regarding work time models in three research establishments (Daimer AG)


The tentative introduction of a new work time model at Daimler Chrysler (previously Daimler Benz) in the research unit in Berlin led to differences of opinion between the staff management and the shop floor, on the one hand, and the differences between the Marienfelde, Henningsdorf and Moabit locations on the other hand.


The project aimed to introduce a unitary work time model at three locations while maintaining a high level of job satisfaction among employees.


All employees at all three locations were asked to answer three questions in writing regarding experiences with the working hour regulations. The results were surprising, because, according to the employees, the introduction of the new work time model at Moabit produced only a small number of positive outcomes and many negative ones.

In view of the consequences of its introduction revealed by this result, the management decided to reconsider the new regulations. A short report was subsequently drafted and then discussed during a second internal workshop. As a result this discussion, the shop floor and the staff management agreed upon a new work time model that took into account the project results. All employees were informed in writing about the project outcomes, and the new work time model was thus introduced to all three locations with the support of all the partners.i


The conflict between the shop floor and staff management, and between the Marienfelde, Henningsdorf and Moabit locations, was resolved. Goals and basic values concerning work time rules were clarified for all involved, and a high level of job satisfaction was restored to the work force.




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