The relevance analysis

Which measures appear promising?

relevanzanalyseWhich project results are particularly important? In order to be able to answer this question we suggest three criteria:

  1. Characteristics/properties or relationships that occur on the highest level of the gestalten tree are more significant than those that only occur on a lower level because the contents on the highest level of the gestalten tree are applicable in a greater number of situations.
  2. If in the lists of evaluations a large number of individuals attribute a positive value to one characteristic, then this is an indicator of its significance.
  3. The third path towards weighting is conducted via causal assumptions. The original answers of the interviewees contain not only descriptions and valuations, but also theoretical everyday knowledge. This knowledge is expressed by assumptions concerning cause-effect relationships.

When a property, which is seen as a cause/causal factor has a large number of effects, then this parameter is significant. The most promising variables in the overall weighting are those variables largely meeting all three criteria.

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