WinRelan® software includes the following functions to provide a comprehensive analysis of the data available:

Adopting texts

1Following transcription, word documents or text documents are imported into the Winrelan program.



2The texts are then encoded.


The Cluster analysis

3These are automatically split into provisional text groups


The Gestalten-tree


The text groups are clustered into meaningful and contradictionless problems and themes and are ordered hierarchically according to linguistic gestalts and hypergestalts.


The causal network

5Die Aussagen der Befragten über angenommene Ursachen und Wirkungen werden als vielschichtiges Netz dargestellt.


The causal network

6Value judgements, wishes and attitudes expressed in the answerrs are listed according to their frequencies.


The Relevancy analysis

7From the gestalten tree, causal network and evaluation profile we can obtain the strategically relevant core variables for the project investigated.


Understanding complex situations

8By navigating through the gestalt tree we can follow the argumentative links of the interviewees and obtain a deductively ordered overview.


Basic values and higher goals

9Some of the significant core variables express the value system of the goup. They are basic values and higher aims, which are explicated – they serve the formulation of a model.



10Usually, interviewees’ propose realizable means to improve problem situations. Probable effects and side effects in relation to basic values and primary goals can be simulated.


Decision Support in the Selection of Means

11Es werden Maßnahmen hervorgehoben, die laut Meinung der Befragten und/oder der Betroffenen viele günstige und wenig ungünstige Folgen erwarten lassen.


Comparison of Results

12To compare opinions pro and contra, dialogues between groups of individuals are simulated to facilitate the understanding of others in their own language and to resolve conflicts.



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