Methodenmix 2011/13 – Neue Tools in WinRelan®

Büro der Forschungsplattform

winrelan_r5_c3Abstract: “GABEK® (Ganzheitliche BEwältigung von Komplexität) is a method developed by Josef Zelger that allows for analyzing unordered linguistic texts in a way to receive a comprehensive view of their entity. The process of analyzing data is carried out through the development of a rule-based network of data, which takes both syntax and semantics into account. The text is collected and systematized by different procedures operated by the researchers. The computer implementation WinRelan®(Windows Relationen Analyse) supports the analysis of the qualitative data. Finally, the method allows a transparent organization of contents based on the language processing of the statements. Whereas most of the established computer assisted qualitative data analysis software for content analysis of text data (CAQDAS) allow to administer, browse, code, mark, complete, or categorize data, WinRelan® goes beyond these analysis steps insofar as it integrates the methodical procedure as well as quantitative elements such as cluster analysis known from multivariate data analysis. The advantage of GABEK is grounded in its accuracy and reliability generated through a rule-based framework. It provides tools for graphical representation of verbal data by linguistic networks at different levels of complexity. Founded on a theoretical basis it allows for the elaboration of individual problems as well as advancing to more abstract levels of analysis.

We want to use this session as platform for those who have already used GABEK®in their research in order to show new developments and tools in the software WinRelan®.”

Leitung: Julia Müller, Josef Zelger

Zeit und Ort:
Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011, 17:00 – 19:00 Uhr (Anmeldung bis 28. September 2011 an:
Büro der Forschungsplattform
Universitätstraße 15
Raum# o.1.3

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