GABEK® Workshop organized by the Griffith Institute of Educational Research

Australia, 21.-24.10


Participants of the GABEK-Workshops at the Griffith University in Brisbane

From 21. to 24. of october two GABEK-Workshops, guided by Josef Zelger and Maria Zelger, were organized by the Griffith Institute of Educational Research. Participants came both from the Griffith University as well from the Australian Catholic University. The initiator of the workshops Brendan Bartlett is professor at the Australian Catholic University and adjunct professor at the Griffith Institute of Educational Research. Besides the training of GABEK also an intended common GABEK project was discussed.

Each day was introduced through an extended lecture by Josef Zelger. Then the GABEK-Procedure of qualitative text analysis was presented and exercised.

  • First day: Lecture: GABEK as a Method of Knowledge Organization
    Tasks: The verbal data base; Defining text units; Object- linguistic coding; Elimination of synonyms and homonyms; Metalinguistic coding; Association graphs and concept analysis; Generation of regional ontologies
  • Second day.: Lecture: The Representation of Meaning by Semantic Nets
    Tasks: Coding of evalualtions and the representation of assessments; Association graphs with assessments and selection of core variables
  • Third day: Lecture: Examples of GABEK-Applications
    Tasks: Causal coding and the representation of causal assumptions by network graphics; Coding of fundamental values, aims, possible measures; Criteria of relevancy; The relevance analysis; Selection of parts of the project-data; Merging projects; Cluster-analysis over sentences and construction of “pre-gestalten”
  • Fourth day: Lecture: Theory Building and Theory Testing by GABEK
    Tasks: Different procedures of the gestalt-building process; The representation of verbal data by the “gestalten-tree”; Theory testing; Implementation of results; The implementation workshop: Working with causal networks; Project examples of GABEK applications



Griffith Institute for Educational Research

Australian Catholic University

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