Qualitative Research by the method GABEK

Josef Zelger, Preprint Nr. 78, Februar 2003

Qualitative_Research_by_the_Medthod_GABEK-Preprint781It is one of the central tasks of the social sciences and humanities to show ways and means of creatively processing complex problems in our society. Such problems are generally unstructured and difficult to define. Frequently they are tied to dynamic situations affecting a large number of individuals or groups of individuals. On the other hand the experiences gained by those affected, e.g. the employees of an institution, contain a creative problem
solving potential. The GABEK method (GAnzheitlich BEwältigung von Komplexität – Holistic Processing of Complexity) suggests itself when trying to make systematic use of this potential. GABEK provides a new method which can be classified as a qualitative research method. GABEK can both be used for a detailed description and explanation of a problem situation as well as the practical development of aims and measures and their correlation. It is a problem solving procedure that includes the experiences and aims of all participants and individuals affected. GABEK develops its potential as an instrument of orientation and decision making, particularly in complex problem situations. It supports the development of strategic principles and operational measures relating to these The PC- program WINRELAN (Windows Relation Analysis)1 developed specifically for GABEK-applications, also allows the presentation of GABEK-results in an interactive way and in accordance to the interests of the audience..



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